Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snow snow snow

We got so much so today that all the plans changed. First, Liz got to work only to be told to go home an hour and a half later. The people she works with really don't venture out into the snow, and I don't blame them. We were going to go out for eat tonight with some friends, but they decided the roads were too bad by them. So far, we are probably up to 3 or 4 inches. I know that this much snow is nothing in Michigan or any other northern state, but here in central Indiana they don't plow the road.

I went to the eye doctor. It can best be described as a non event. I take that back. I paid 70 dollars for eye measurements. Eye measurements don't involve a ruler of any kind. I didn't even know he measured them until they asked me to pay for it. The exam didn't feel any different, but it was..... The actual contacts will come in next week.

Here a new jersey that I was given today by a friend of mine. It took me completely by surprise because I don't know him that well.


My hair is super flat because I wore a hat all day. It's cold outside.


Anonymous said...

very cool jersey!

: )

sailor42 said...

Thanks. I like trying to get the old school jerseys.