Friday, January 15, 2010

One week down

I celebrated the first week of school by allowing myself extra time on the bike this afternoon. I went for 125 minutes. The longest ever for me on the trainer. There were times when I thought my mind might explode, but that could have been due to the movie I choose to watch.

I threw in Total Recall starring none other than Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was amazingly bad. Here are my thoughts about the movie in no particular order.

total recall

1) The gov is mostly naked in the first scene (I'm seeing a pattern here)

2) Anyone who loves the color red or communism will love this movie

3) For awhile I thought he was playing another robot, but he wasn't. The acting was just that bad

4) At one point in the movie a little person stands on the bad with a machine gun and shoots everyone.

5) Scientists should really look into the idea that being exposed to the climate on Mars can cause you to mutate and grow extra limbs (or other unmentionable body parts)

6)Every single underground tunnel must be only a few inches away from another tunnel since people always are crashing through the walls. The same goes for walls. When are Mars, always crash through the nearest wall instead of crashing through the nearest door.

Here is a picture of my legs. I don't know exactly why, but it seems like the thing to do after biking for two hours without moving an inch. Sounds a lot like grad school to me.

Here is the proof that I rode for 2 hours.

What you can't read that ?!?

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