Monday, January 18, 2010

Recovery Day

Today was a fantastic ride. I was sore from yesterday, so I just went for a nice light hour while watching Mission Impossible 3. There are so many jokes when Tom Cruise is involved, but I don't have time to launch into those. Oddly enough though, the movie provided good entertainment and the hour went really quickly.

In other cycling news. The Tour Down Under starts tonight. Team Sky won yesterday's pre-race stage. Good for them considering that they are a brand spanking new team. What a way to start the season. Plus, they looked good doing it. Considering all the other team jersey's of the past and present, looking good is no given. In the end, The only time that lycra looks good is when it's moving at 25mph.

Here is a good example of what I mean: here vs here.

That's all for tonight. Happy MLK day. I have visitors coming over and homework to do. Hurray?


Amanda said...

I've been enjoying your daily posts!!

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Anonymous said...

me too!

: )