Monday, January 25, 2010

Not even 8:00am

It's almost the start of business hours and I already have the majority of my three therapy sessions planned for tonight. Woohoo.

On a more sobering note, my session run tonight from 5:00pm to 8:00pm. Plain gross because it almost guarantees that I won't get to bike today. However, in my mind 3 clinical hours is well worth that sacrifice.

I have my new contacts now. Even though I don't plan on wearing them regularly in the future except for biking and other sport-y things, I have to wear them all the time for the next two weeks to help my eyes get used to them. I look funny, and I can't see really well out of my right eye. I'm not sure that the prescription is quiet correct. Not enough to claim that I'm blind or anything, just enough to walk around wondering if I'm crazy or if the world is a bit out of focus. I guess I walk around thinking that regardless of how good my prescription is! (whoosh... 3pts for the deep thought. I bet you didn't see that coming.)

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