Monday, January 11, 2010

Spring 2010... Go

If anyone else is annoyed with the three periods that have been appearing in my recent post titles, you are not alone. I too find them very very annoying. From now on there will be no more ...’s in the titles. I promise.

Liz and I celebrated the start of the semester last night with some friends at the local bar. You can't drink in Holland, MI on Sunday, but I guess you can do so here in Lafayette. Then we caught some sleep and Liz dropped me off for the day at 6:50 am. Whoo Hoo. Let the school fun begin... with a blog post (doh I did it again, but it was intentional).

So far this morning I have ordered copies of some assignments and syllabuses, cleaned a coffee maker; and made a k-cup of half-caf coffee. 1/2 the caffeine means I get to drink twice the amount of coffee. At least, I think that's the whole point. It's like the Crystal Light of juice. Just slightly inferior in order to allow for mass consumption (something that will serve my purposes well)

Well back to work now.

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