Saturday, January 16, 2010

NFL playoffs

Watching football isn't my favorite thing to watch while biking. I love football, but there is never more than a minute or two of action before it is broken up by commercials, time outs, or other weird things. However, since the playoffs are underway I watched them while on the bike anyway. The Cardinals just had no answer to the Saints, and it was a pretty one sided game.

I think Kurt Warner should retire. He's had one to many injuries and concussions to risk it anymore. He's done a lot over his career and is still a great player, but seeing him get walloped by a linebacker throwing a block made cringe a bit to much. This is a man with 5 children. I think it's time to stop playing football and allow their future children to have a grandpa that can remember their names.

My ride wasn't that great today. I was mentally tired from yesterday's good long ride. My legs didn't get with the program. My backside was a sore. In the end, I got through the ride, but it wasn't anything special.

I had a headache again this morning, but that makes sense since it is a Saturday. I took some Excedrin, and my headache went away as usual. I have noticed that I get about 3 or 4 visitors a week from people who google "Saturday headaches." Try it and my blog is the first link on the fourth page of results. I may not get celebrity cycling bloggers to read stop by (I kept a close eye and no sigh of Fatty), but at least I can attract a steady stream of hungover but persistent college students. After all, I would think that getting to the fourth page of results could be pretty hard to do if suffering from a killer morning headache.

Unfortunately, I provide no magic remedies beyond recommending drugs or drinking a bit less on Friday night.

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