Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Professors that inspire students to say stupid things

Here is a typical (or at least the one this afternoon) meeting with my advisor goes.

Advisor: So how's your prelim coming along
Me to advisor: Great. I think I'll have a draft to you by Thursday.

Me to myself in my head: Doh. What are you doing? There is no chance of you getting it done by then. He was happy and content before you even said that. You poked the bear and now his lips are chomping for some fresh grad student rump roast. rump roast? Is that even an appropriate thing to be thinking in the presence of my advisor. Pay attention! he's hasn't stopped talking at you.

Me to advisor: Yes yes of course, Thursday I'll have something for you to look at for sure. I'll even try to get that other paper we are working on revised.

Me to myself: he's giving me a weird look. He must have moved on to the other project.

Me to advisor: Sorry, I'll get that paper work to the secretary and the results in your box this afternoon.

Me to myself: nope, now you've brought up a project that wasn't even on his radar. You're cooked. Time for an exit plan.

Me to advisor: owww my contacts are suddenly and horrifically burning and hurting me. Darn things. You know I just got them. (fierce rubbing of eyes and stomping of one leg) Excuse me a sec while I run away....

Me in my head: gah.. thoughts are silent. Only say things it's ok for everyone to hear.

Me to advisor: bathroom! I'll be back in a few minutes... ill bring those results

Me running away to myself: that could have gone better.


Anonymous said...

I've found that duct tape works really well.

: )

sailor42 said...

I'm on page 14 now. I think that it is far enough to show him the document and say "Here it is, but you can't read it yet."