Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fat Cyclist

Today I invited Fatty from Fat Cyclist to visit my blog. He is a premier cyclist and contributes daily to his very powerful blog found here I consider him to be on the magnitude of celebrity cyclist. This mostly comes from his ability to raise money to help fight cancer.

I don't know if I sent the message to the correct email, or if he will read it. If he does, he may choose to silently wander through like most other people who read regularly. However, as of today there is a significantly higher chance that a real respected cyclist knows of my blog and may have even stopped by short a short glance.

I often tell my clients to go out on limbs because the worst thing that can happen is usually not that bad. I finally took some of my own medicine and went out on a limb knowing that the worst that can happen is nothing, and that's not so bad.

Woot woot.

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