Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Phat phone skillz

The only interesting thing that happened on my ride last night was that I received a phone call. It is always hard to try and talk coherently with someone when you are starving for breath. I didn't tell the person I was on the bike. I found that most of my sentences came out way too fast followed by awkward pauses of heavy breathing.They probably think I have some communication deficit while talking on the phone.

Me: hihow areyou...........
DM: fine, I'm returning your call
Me: great,everything'sallgoodnow
DM: ok, was something wrong?
Me: yesnoyesnoyes...wellsortof...not........anymore....I'lltellyouaboutitlater
Me: I'vegottogonow.....bye
DM: ok, bye?

end of call

Good for you if you took the time to read all that.

I realized today that my clients and I have two very different ideas of what urgent means. I was inundated with messages and emails from a client who urgently needed to talk to me. I even phoned my supervisor in the middle of one of her therapy sessions to figure out what to do. When, I finally called the client back it was not really urgent at all and had to do with scheduling business. Fortunately, it was all stuff that could be taken care of, and now the world is again spinning in the correct direction at the correct speed. You may have noticed the sun standing still for an hour or so yesterday afternoon.

I was so exhausted at the end of the day that I fell asleep with Liz on the couch trying to watch NCIS.

TV quote of the night, "This man clearly fits the profile of a malignant narcissist," Zeva NCIS. As if being narcissist isn't descriptive enough, now you can be a malignant one. I guess the easiest way would be to let those types of narcissists grow uncontrollably until they are huge.

"edit: malignant narcissist is not a widely accepted term in psychology, but it did make an appearance in the late 90's in a few journal articles. I still hold firm that it is not the correct way to distinguish narcissism subtypes. I'm pretty sure the show went for dramatic effect, which is fine, instead of accurate screen play writing. Thus a classic example of not getting your schooling from popular television"

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